Sunday, 13 July 2014

TP Tube Slider Card - Tutorial

Flatten a toilet roll and cut in half, so that you end up with two mini tubes

Cut 3 pieces of cardstock, half a cm or 1/4 of an inch narrower (on each side) than your toilet roll 

Leave one piece of card intact, cut one in half, fold the other in half and score half an inch from each end

using the folded piece, glue the large centre section together

using scissors, cut along the lines shown in the photo below

you should end up with the following, you will also need two pieces of seam binding or ribbon 

take your full piece of card and glue your seam binding or ribbon to each side in the middle

take one of your half size pieces of card and the triangular piece of card 

and glue them together 

take your full size card with the seam binding or ribbon on it and glue the half section onto it 

it should then look like this 

take the other half section of card and glue that in place on the opposite side 

this will form a small hinge that will help your card stand up when opened 

at this stage you might want to add a small pocket to the front, I used a MS trellis punch to make mine 

the pocket will enable you to put a small gift card inside, but you could leave the pocket off and add a nice message or stamped image instead - it's entirely up to you 

next, take one half of your tp roll and feed the ribbon/binding and card through it 

make sure that only about half an inch of your centre card is in the tube, then glue your binding to the front

trim off any excess

repeat the same process on the other side 

then slide both side of your tube together, at this stage your binding will stick out 

simply tuck the excess neatly into the ends of the tube

to fold away your card stand simply slide open your card, fold it flat and re-close 

once closed the back should look like this 

and the front should look like this 

you are then ready to let your imagination run wild! 

Decorate your slider card in whatever style you fancy, using whatever materials and mediums you like. 

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your photos later! xx