Saturday, 19 July 2014

One Sheet Challenge for the Craft Hole

The Friday night mini challenge for the Craft HOle was to make a mini and a mini mini album in three hours


Cut a 12”x12” sheet of printed cardstock down to 12”x7.5”
The accordion fold should fan into the INSIDE of your mini.

Put the small piece you cut off aside for later. (this peice will make your mini mini
Place the 12”x 7.5” piece on your score boar and score at: 3.5”, 7.5”, 11”, 11 1/8”, and 11 1/4”
Between the 3.5” and the 7.5” score lines that you already made, score every half inch.
Fold the score lines between the 3.5” and the 7.5” accordion style.

You do not need to fold the other score lines at 11”, 11 1/8” and 11 ¼” yet. Those will be folded later to wrap to the front cover as a closure.

On the OUTSIDE of your album, you will apply double-sided tape or glue to every other fold on the accordion and glue them together, so that your accordion fans toward the INSIDE of your mini.

When you have completed the folding and gluing, you can begin the fun part of filling it with pages and trims and so forth.

Have fun Here is the link to a video showing the making stages:

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