Saturday, 19 October 2019

Xmas Wreath with Crafters Companion Double Sided Triangle Box Die

To create this project you will need the following:

Crafters Companion  - Dimensionals Triangle Box double sided die set
The speciality plates for use with the double sided dies and your Gemini
A plain wreath, 
A selection of good quality card stock in colours of your choice 
Strong adhesive such as Collall Quick Dry Tacky Glue, or red liner tape, or a glue gun
Numbers 1 to 24, 
Selection of ribbon
Diamond headed pins or other dressmaking pins of your choice
My basic wreath was purchased for a couple of pounds from the Crafters Companion store in Evesham. I used a moss covered wreath but you could use a polystyrene one covered in crepe paper, a natural twig wreath, or even just a circle of card

Using the smallest double sided triangle box die, die-cut 24 box lids and bases. I used Kraft card for the bases of my boxes as these are not really going to be seen much, and it saved using as much of my speciality/glittered card stock. All of the card stock I used in my project came from Crafters Companion as the quality is superb and the gsm is ideal for box making.(you could use Crafters Companions acetate as that also die-cuts beautifully)
Please note - There is no need to cut triangle shaped pieces of card stock, I just dont like wasting my card stock, so I always trim it down before I run it through my Gemini)
Assemble your box bases and box lids as shown on the packaging, Use a  strong adhesive as you dont want your boxes coming apart. For my wreath I made eight boxes in each of three colourways (green, red and gold) but you can make it in any colour theme you like to match your decor.
Once you have your 24 boxes prepared, arrange and then attach them onto your wreath.
I used a hot glue gun to attach my boxes but a strong wet glue would work just as well
I then attached my advent numbers. Mine were purchased premade, but you could die cut them yourself ,if you have a set of small number dies.
The next stage is to make your ribbon decorations. 
Take one diamond headed pin and 3 strips of ribbon approximately 7 inches long.
                                     Push the pin through the middle of the ribbon
Take one of the free ends of the ribbon and push the pin though the free end
Take the other free end of the ribbon and push the pin through this end also.
Repeat with the other two pieces of ribbon
You should end up with a sort of flower shape made out of ribbon as shown below
Push your ribbon flowers into your wreath where you feel there is a bit of a gap that needs filling. Then make and add more ribbon flowers until you feel you have enough
If you wish, tie a loop of ribbon around your wreath at the top so that you can hang it up.
Then add goodies or treats of your choice inside each box.
The finished wreath

If you make one of these please let me know as I love to see photos of other peoples creations. If you have any questions about this project - add your question to the comments section and I will come back to you as soon as I can.


  1. Replies
    1. I adore the new double sided box dies from Crafters Companion and had so much fun constructing my projects.Am now about to start on a similar theme using some of the other small double sided box dies ... more blog posts to follow! xx

  2. I had the privilege of seeing it live and it's amazing! I might give in and get of of those box dies.

    1. thank you so much Inez, i love making gift boxes and the new double sided box dies make it so easy ... no more measuring or scoring ... just die-cut, stick together and decorate. xx

  3. Hi this is a stunning project. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. A wonderful creation. It looks great with you.

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