Sunday, 10 January 2016

Candy Box Crafts - Castle Keep Money Boxes

I've had a lovely crafty weekend, decorating a couple of Castle Keep Money Boxes by those very talented guys at Candy Box Crafts.

These money box kits come in flat packed kit form and are made from mdf, in the UK (about 10 mins drive away from my house in Evesham), The kits come with instructions and fit together using the simple slot and tab method. It is a great little project for both young and old, and would make an excellent gift either decorated or in kit form.

The kit includes a plastic stopper for the base making the removal of any money really easy. The size of the money box is approximately 175mm x 102mm x 102 mm or for those in "old money" lol - 7.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

After assembling and gluing the kits together I began the fun of decorating them.

For the Pink Keep, I gave it a couple of coats of PaperArtsy's  acrylic paint in Candy Floss. I then glued some brick wall cardboard pieces  to the walls to give the keep a stone effect. These pieces were painted with the same paint and then Stardust Stickles was applied over the top. I added small dots of  perfect pearls around the door and windows Then finally I added some strips of adhesive pearls by Creative Expressions around the top and bottom perimeters.

For the Silver/Grey Keep, I used something completely different and something I had never used in my crafting before - FISH TANK GRAVEL.
I carefully glued individual pieces around the door and window frames  and allowed them to dry in place before covering the rest of the keep in gravel,  
After allowing the gravel and glue to dry thoroughly, I gave it if gave it a couple of coats of Indigo Blue's acrylic paint in Vodka Martini which again gave a very effective stone effect. 
Then for a bit of fun I added a small shield with the CBC logo on it, 

I can definitely imagine myself living in the girlie pink one as I have always wanted to be a Princess and I can imagine Roy from CBC living in the Silver Grey one, creating lots of wonderful kits for us all to play with. Hope you like them, please feel free to leave me a comment as I love to read them. - Happy Crafting.


  1. These are wonderful Deborah. I love the pink one with its brickwork effect. The glitter is gorgeous! I love the grey one too and I looked at your blog because I was fascinated to see what you had used to get the effect. Fish tank gravel! Who would have thought it?! They are lovely. Can you tell me what the boxes are made of? Is it MDF? Thanks. Carol xx

    1. thank you for taking the time to have a look at my blog and to leave such positive comments, I really do appreciate it. Yes the kits are made from top grade mdf, which has an exceptionally smooth surface suitable for numerous types of craft mediums. If you click on the Candy Box Crafts logo on the right hand side of this page, it will take you to the website where you can see all the fabulous designs the CBC guys have come u with .... so far!

  2. Hi they are stunning. Hugs Jackie

  3. Wow these are amazing. Love them x

  4. I really should look at your blog more often Deborah.I love these & the gravel on the silver one is truly inspired! Fabulous ! xx