Saturday, 24 January 2015

Craft Room Tour

Have had a huge sort out and tidy up today, can honestly say I don't think my craft room has been this tidy in ages, not only can I see my desk but the floor is clear too .... yaaaay.

A few of you have asked to see where I craft, so at the risk of boring you I thought I would post a few pictures. The room measures approx 5 ft by 6 foot, there is only just enough room for a desk/chair so I try to utilise the wall space as much as I can.

My projects are generally photographed on the glass mat on top of my printer.

I store my dies on a couple of old cork noticeboards that have been covered with magnetic sheets I , managed to get the in my local £1 shop (2 for £1).

 My 48 distress inks are stored in an mdf caddy from Candy Box Crafts,, but this will change shortly  to the new bigger one that Candy Box Crafts have designed, which will hold 60 distress inks (in readiness for the new colours coming out this year). The majority of my stamps are kept in the white ring binders, but I also have a large box to store the rest of them and next door to my stamps are my very precious G45 12 x 12 pads. 

Bit of a murky photo, but this is where I craft, write my blogs and chat on FB etc - depending on how untidy I get, I can sometimes be working in just a 10 inch square of desk! lol  

I use all the space under the desk to store (from left to right ...) my offcuts of coloured cardstock, alterable items, material, adhesives, embellishments, stencils/masks and more 12 x 12 paper and cardstock than I care to admit to! 

These are my favorites at the moment, 3 masks and 3 sets of stamps by the amazing Ryn - I will show you what I've been up to, in a future blog post. The Designs byRyn stamps are now available in the UK from Pink Tulip  Creations,Spernal Ash Nurseries/Alcester Road, Studley B80 7PD, Phone:01527 852052  - they sadly don't have an online shop but they will mail items to you if you order over the phone. 

How many pairs of scissors do I need? - funny how they all seem to disappear when I need them.

A little bit of home made stationary, using G45 - of course 

I love all things pink - so I just had to get the limited edition Hougie board in aid of Breast Cancer Care, but will admit I us the smaller board more and that one was a free gift with a craft magazine.

These are the 4 tubs on the 3rd shelf up, containing more ribbon & lace than I will ever need so I am on a ribbon and lace ban until I can reduce the number of tubs to 3.

Also have 3 tubs full of punches, mainly Martha Stewart, Woodware, EK Success and Stampin Up. 

So that's it folks a very brief tour around my craft room. If there is anything you would like a closer look at, just post a comment and I will see what i can do.Am off for a little bit of a craft now. so till next time - have fun xx


  1. that can't be a proper craft room-I can see carpet! lol. so organised, please come and visit me and make me tidy :)

    1. I love tidying and sorting almost as much as I love crafting x

  2. Brilliantly tidy, I noticed that we only got a VERY tiny glimpse of the G45 hoard!! Oh & as I'm closer geographically please come & tidy mine first lol x

  3. I have got a tiny box room that I plan on converting and I thought it was going to be uselessly tiny but now I see that you successfully craft in a much smaller space, I'm on a mission!!

    1. It took me a while to figure out where I wanted everything to go, I have the things I craft with regularly closer to hand than things I only use once in a while. Clear storage tubs made a difference for me too, as I find I use things more if I can see them - especially my dies. It doesn't stay this tidy for long though, but luckily I really enjoy tidying it up x

  4. Hi your craft space is amazing. A craft room is a far off dream for me. Hugs Jackie

  5. I think you are very innovative with you craft storage. Fab idea to keep the dies on cork boards and yes my scissors keep going missing as well.

  6. Great storage ideas and fabulous use of space too.
    Linda xxx

  7. Well done for being able to store so much in what must seem a small space - looks great!

  8. I have loved moseying around your craft space. It is fascinating. When my son moves out again I will have a fab big space so intend to spread myself out. Thanks for showing us x