Friday, 9 January 2015

Candy Box Crafts Mdf Coasters & TH Washi Tape

Having recently painted my ancient orange pine bedroom furniture a beautiful shade of off-white/cream, I have started using coasters to put my tea light holders on when I light my candles. The coasters I had were really ugly and did not go with the decor, so I decided to make some of my own.

I took 4 mdf coasters (made by the wonderful guys at Candy Box Crafts)  and painted them on both sides with a few coats of white gesso (allowing each coat to dry before applying the next).

Then I took 4 rolls of  Tim Holtz washi tape (that I hadn't actually opened, let alone used ... lol) and applied 5 strips to each coaster. I then applied another thin coat of gesso and allowed that to dry.


I used "White Fire" gilding wax by Treasure Gold around the edges and then sprayed a few light coats of Crafters Companion "Spray and Shine" high gloss varnish and allowed that to dry.

I then covered the reverse of the coaster in co-ordinating felt, and hey presto I have 4 beautiful handcrafted coasters that go perfectly in my bedroom.


  1. What a fab Idea, going to get me some mats and do the same xx

  2. Great idea. I haven't really used washi tape, but I might try having seen this.

  3. What a brilliant idea Deborah! I hadn't thought to use washi tape in this way and it certainly looks effective.

  4. Wow fab coasters. Love them x

  5. gorgeous and what a genius idea for using up washi tape :)