Monday, 27 October 2014

Easel Style Post It Note - Tutorial

This post it note holder is for post-it notes that measure  3 inches by 3 inches

Cut three pieces of card 3 and a half inches by 5 inches

Cover one side of each piece of card in your chosen paper. When trimming your corners, remember to leave a small gap of about an eighth of an inch - otherwise you may end up with exposed corners.

                                    You should then end up with 3 pieces of cardstock like this

Take 2 of your pieces and attach 3 pieces of ribbon (as shown) with a strong wet glue or red line tape
Keep your cards as close together as you can, but allow enough gap for the ribbon to act as a hinge

Attach the 3rd piece in the same way then cut 3 pieces of your chosen paper and cover the other side

Attach your post it notes (as shown) and fold the other two sides into an easel shape,

Then simply decorate how ever you wish! 

Happy Crafting xx