Sunday, 1 June 2014

Something Different - Lavender Pots

Have woken up aching all over, full of cold, and a bit short of crafting mojo today. So I have  decided to make something very quick and simple.

I took 3 lilac candle holders and filled them with grey floristry foam, (this is the type you use dry)

I then covered the top of the foam with a strong wet adhesive (I used glossy accents but I think any adhesive would work just as well) . I then sprinkled  some decorative gravel chips on the top and pressed them into the adhesive making sure I covered the foam right up to the edges. 

I took a very cheap bunch of plastic lavender and cut each stem down into two or three sections, one with the just the  flower and the others just the foliage

I then simply pushed the stems into the foam to make a pretty little floral arrangement. As I said they were very quick and simple to make but I am really pleased with how they turned out.