Friday, 2 August 2013

Thank You Emily!

A very rare and special thing happened to me today - I was sent a beautiful hand crafted "Thank You" card from a fabulous young (aged 9) crafter called Emily, in return for giving her some of my excess crafty stash.

I proudly displayed the card on my desk at work all day today, and thought it might be nice to share a couple of photo's with you all on my blog, so here goes: 

The card was a fabulous box design, with little mirrored and heart shaped accents along with some stunning sunshine yellow fabric flowers on it. As you can all see there was also a pretty topper in the centre of the card  with a lovely message on it.

The back of the box card was also very cleverly designed by Emily, so that the card would stand up by itself. I was very impressed by this design feature and may even use it on some of my own cards in the future!

Many thanks Emily for making this for me, and well done. I hope to see lots more of your crafty designs over the summer holidays xxxx

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